Preventing Hair loss

Losing hair is not a pleasant experience. If you are a woman it’s even more worrying. Due to ageing males tend to lose hair where female starts experience hair fall resulting thin hair.  The actual reason of hair loss is not clearly understood. But general causes are-

  • Inappropriate diet
  • Mineral deficiency
  •  Genetics
  • Pollution
  • Stress etc.

Whatever the reason is you take hair loss seriously and keep on trying to prevent it. Let’s have a look what can we do about preventing hair loss.

Carefully style you hair

We love to do different styling for our hair. Especially, when we plan of going to a party or attend social event. But doing so, we tend to damage our hair a lot. For example, to stylize our hair we often use hair gel, spray and many other cosmetic products. Adding to that woman usually do hair plaits, hair twisting and many more. Doing all this may make your hair look good for a while, but in longer run it damages the hair. Instead if we prevent ourselves from doing so, we may not prevent hair fall but we can at least keep healthy.

Avoid junk food

Stop eating junk and unhealthy food and follow a nutritional diet is one of the most effective ways of keeping your hair healthy. Eating nutritious food actually helps your scalp to be in healthy shape thus reducing the risk of hair fall.

Using specialized shampoos

Using shampoo to prevent hair fall may seem a bit unrealistic but specialized shampoos such as monoxidil shampoo can prevent hair loss or even grow new hair in your scalp. Monoxidil shampoos use a FDA approved drug that contributes in preventing hair loss and hair thinning. This is a scientifically proven drug that works for real. You may learn more about monoxidil shampoo in monoxidil shampoo review

Change life style

Leading a stressful life is one of the most common causes for sudden hair loss. It is better to have a relax life style, adequate sleep and clean eating habit helps massively to prevent hair thinning problem.

Taking food supplements

Food supplements such vitamins, minerals tablets can keep human body in a healthy state as well as contributing in hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Hair transplant

This is the least preferable method for preventing hair loss. Hair transplant is a surgical method where hair follicles are transplanted to a bald head from a donors scalp. This is a very expensive method and causes various side effects. 

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